Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Today I wore China Glaze Sea Spray with White Cap over it. I used two coats of Sea Spray and one coat of White Cap.

Sea Spray reminds me of my bed sheets and my current set of bath towels! I like this color. It was almost a little frosty on its own, so I'm glad to have put some shimmer on top.

White Cap is beautiful! It's whitish, goldish, and a little iridescent. It reminds me of Lorac's 3D Liquid Lustre (which I adore). I can see myself putting this over lots of polishes.

Do you know I wore Ozotic Pro 621 for five days? The first day ended badly in chips. Then I reapplied it the next day, alternating a coat of Palladio Fuse with a coat of polish. That was the trick, I tell you! Four days nearly perfect after that. It did look a little dull and odd by the third and fourth day because I didn't have top coat on, but honestly, I could not believe how well it held up. Many times I banged my nails badly and thought for sure it would chip, but it did not! :) Good stuff. This is how I'll be wearing my holos from now on.

7 dizzy comments:

This is so pretty! I love the combo.

Very nice.

This is such a beautiful combo! I love it!

I love it...gorgeous!

Gorgeous combo <3

So gorge! That white cap is really a fantastic layering color.

I've been on the fence about White Cap, but I definitely need it now!

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