Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I wore this a few days ago. I wanted to try out some of the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean polishes that I got last weekend. I started with two somewhat thick coats of Mermaid's Tears.

I only have indoor pictures of this because I did it at night...but you get the idea.

I added a coat of Dior Rock Coat for fun. This was my first time trying it, too.

Sadly, the brush on my Rock Coat is quite wonky and ridiculous, so I had a hell of a time with my application.

It ended up looking a little streaky, but overall I can see this having potential. Also, I didn't care much since I knew I would be putting Silver Shatter on top!

Now, for the finished mani. I added Silver Shatter.

Please pardon the sore spot on my pinky. My cuticles are looking sad, too, because I couldn't use cuticle remover due to sore spots! Vicious cycle. Note to self: stop nibbling on your cuticles!

I wasn't in love with the overall look, but it did grow on me after time. Maybe because I had just taken a little length off my nails I thought they looked very stubby and short with these polishes on! I have also decided that Shatter and Crackle can make my nails look and seem stubbier in general.

5 dizzy comments:

This IPO looks like Jade Chanel!
I love the combination!

OMGASH you have silver shatter! I skipped out on this, but now I want it and it was sold out at the Ulta I hit up today =( I love it over pastel colors.. so dreamyyyy (:

super pretty combination! love it!

Reading This Post Just Made Me Want To Run To The Store To Get This Color. HAhaha. Great Post!!
i Hope You Dont Mind. But I've Passed Along The Kreativ Blog Award. !! :D


Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments!! :)

Thanks for the award, Maria!! I really appreciate it. xoxo

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