Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Hello, friends and fans! I hope you are all having a lovely Saturday so far. I am very happy to have a day off and plan to make the most of it.

As much as I want to keep trying out my new TiNS polishes (and trust me, I do), I got tempted into trying the new Sally Hansen Salon Effects appliques. Also, I had a break last night, so the uber nubs are back and rockin'.

I've been reading good reviews on these appliques, so I figured, why not? Also, it would be kind of cool to have a little break from my normal routine of changing polish about every other day.

This one is called Blue Ice. I also picked up the one with black and white flower designs. They applied very easily, in spite of my tendency toward perfectionism. I did spend probably a good 40 minutes all together prepping and placing them. I know - I'm sure this could be done WAY quicker!
I cannot lie - I absolutely love the no dry time part. So freaking cool! I couldn't find a really good fitting sticker for my ring fingers, much to my dismay, but I don't think most people are likely to notice. There's just a bit of nail showing on the far sides. Some of the stickers I picked were in fact too large, but that is easily remedied by carefully running the cuticle stick along the sides several times until it just cuts off the excess.

So, I'm really hard on my hands and nails at work. Lots of washing and sanitizing, as well as other nail brutalities. I'm very curious to see how long these last! I've already decided that if I can get a good five days, that that is awesome in my book. Ten - I don't even see how that could be possible. We will see! Stay tuned!

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havent seen this one before! looks great, fabulous application!

the texture looks EXACTLY like those TiNS glitter nail polishes you were showing us. haha.

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