Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Here is Sally Hansen HD in Hue. I did three coats.

This is a very frosty, bright, light yellow with shimmer. It's really glowy and attention-seeking!

I took several different pictures of this in various types of light and settings, but most are too awful for me to show you. These two are the only decent ones. Truthfully, I had a bit of trouble on the application. There were several bumps, lumps, and bubbles. Mostly bubbles, I fear. I cannot stand bubbles. I loathe bubbles.

3 dizzy comments:

Glitter + green polish = love. Where did you get the PA nail polishes??

Cheerful Fawn - I picked them up at a small beauty store in Chinatown, San Francisco when I was there on a business trip this Spring. They sold some Shiseido and a few other random beauty products, along with the pas. I was so excited! I don't think any place around where I live sells them and they are gosh darn hard to find online.


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