Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I'm trying out doing separate posts for separate manis...which will now potentially include multiple posts a day (when the mood strikes). Hopefully this will make things easier for me in terms of posting.

I forgot to take notes on this mani, so I'm struggling to remember exactly what I used and how much of each. I know I started with LA Girl Metal Graphite, two coats.

Then, I'm pretty sure I used a coat of $OPI Sparkle Me Silver top coat.

This is when bottles in the pictures would've come in handy, no? :)

This mani was done during a very tumultuous night and I was experiencing extreme emotional distress for various ultimately non-threatening reasons. Yeah. Special. All that to say, I really loved how it turned out and Graphite is a super winner in my book! It's very shimmery and has a great application. I'm so glad I picked up a bunch of the LA Girl Metals.

3 dizzy comments:

I love this colour!! It's perfect for summer, though it's finishing now.
I haven't seen it at Sephora where I live...I have to check back.


Beautiful mani! I'm actually waiting for a package with Graphite and some other La Girl Metals, can't wait to try them out.

Becky, if you are looking for the LA Girl Metal, I'm afraid Sephora doesn't carry it. The $OPI I used on top is composed of silver holo bars in a clear base - it's great for layering on anything really. Hope this helps and sorry for any confusion (if there was some). :)

Roxcat - hooray! I'm super happy with all of mine so far. They apply really well and are chocked full of awesome silvery shimmer.

Oje Delisi - thank you and welcome!

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