Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I'm trying out doing separate posts for separate manis...which will now potentially include multiple posts a day (when the mood strikes). Hopefully this will make things easier for me in terms of posting.

I forgot to take notes on this mani, so I'm struggling to remember exactly what I used and how much of each. I know I started with LA Girl Metal Graphite, two coats.

Then, I'm pretty sure I used a coat of $OPI Sparkle Me Silver top coat.

This is when bottles in the pictures would've come in handy, no? :)

This mani was done during a very tumultuous night and I was experiencing extreme emotional distress for various ultimately non-threatening reasons. Yeah. Special. All that to say, I really loved how it turned out and Graphite is a super winner in my book! It's very shimmery and has a great application. I'm so glad I picked up a bunch of the LA Girl Metals.

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I love this colour!! It's perfect for summer, though it's finishing now.
I haven't seen it at Sephora where I live...I have to check back.


Beautiful mani! I'm actually waiting for a package with Graphite and some other La Girl Metals, can't wait to try them out.

I love it!

I'm your new followers.


Becky, if you are looking for the LA Girl Metal, I'm afraid Sephora doesn't carry it. The $OPI I used on top is composed of silver holo bars in a clear base - it's great for layering on anything really. Hope this helps and sorry for any confusion (if there was some). :)

Roxcat - hooray! I'm super happy with all of mine so far. They apply really well and are chocked full of awesome silvery shimmer.

Oje Delisi - thank you and welcome!

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