Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I'm still working my way through old manis that somehow got lost and forgotten! Here is Nubar's Knight's Armor.

I did two coats.

It's really fabulous and I love all the chunky glitter!

Yes, it was a pain to remove, but totally worth it for me.

Have I raved to you yet about the Acetone polish remover tub/pot that you can buy at Target stores? If so, forgive me for mentioning it. If not, listen close! Target sells a white plastic tub of pure acetone. It's their own brand, but says Studio Tools on it. If you love to wear glitter, like me, then you need to buy this A-SAP! Buy two, in fact. :) It has pink plastic spike scrubbers inside it and you stick your finger in then rub it against the spikes. Glitter and flakies are removed rather easily. Voila! The acetone is a bit drying, yes, but if you can moisturize your hands and cuticles after, you'll be okay.

4 dizzy comments:

i love the tar-get va-jay-vay! and i am totally lemming Knight's Armor.

Wow! I LOVE this colour. Where I buy it?

I love the chunky glitters in this polish!

jbrobeck - you're funny. You're gonna scare my readers who aren't familiar with MUA slang!! LOL ;)

Morgan - Thanks! I get my Nubars from www.bynubar.com

Gwen - glad you like it!

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