Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Okay, okay, this is THE mani that popped into my head a little bit ago and prompted me to realize that I'd somehow neglected to post a handful of manis from months ago. Sheesh! I feel better now.

Three coats of pa A96.

This is a perfect green jelly. Perfect, I tell you!

I managed to have cuticle oil all over my finger tips and nails in these pictures, so don't mind the added oily texture on the nail surface! I was probably too excited about the awesomeness of the polish to even notice at the time.

Why doesn't this come in a jumbo sized bottle? Huh?

Then I added pa AA06 on top.

Sorry for the dry cuticles and lame indoor only pictures.

I shamelessly used a toothpick to fish out the larger glitter shapes and place them on my nails. I couldn't bear to just let luck take care of the dispersion. :) Someone told me these nails looked "Christmas-y," which caused my brow to furrow a bit. Someone else said they reminded them of game tables and poker, which I thought was pretty cool! Either way, I love it no matter.

4 dizzy comments:

What an amazing green. Simply fabulous.

Those stars and hearts are so cute! :D

This is SO cute and I utterly LOVE that jelly! SQUISHY GOODNESS.

I love this ohmygosh it's so cute ahhhhh.

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