Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

This was my first time using RBL Teal, a polish loved by many. It applied flawlessly, and if my memory serves me, I think I did just one coat of it!

I put a coat of $OPI Club Scene Queen over top.

Club Scene Queen is a really shimmery, pretty polish that is rather sheer and methinks, just perfect for putting on top of lots of different colors!

My guess is that you could get a decent opacity with Club Scene Queen by doing three to four coats of it by itself. I have a feeling that the over all color would probably look a little smokier and less intensely blue/teal on its own.

2 dizzy comments:

Did I mention how haaaaaaawwwttt this polish is? DA YANG!

Ya know, I am not even an amateur but I am thinking that this is reminiscent of rodeo fanatic - no wonder i love it!

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