Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Hello Lovelies!  I know it's been a while since I posted.  My best bud is here on vacay (yeah, I'm on vacay, too) so I haven't been able to spend much time on my computer.  I'm still trucking with the fabulous manis, though!  She loves polish, too, so we're having fun painting our nails often.  

The other day when I took my yellow/purple glittah psychotic mani off I noticed some tears on my index and middle finger nails.  Ohhhhh the horror!  I was so upset.  They were torn across a bit way too far down.  I debated what to do.  I decided to cut 'em all short in an effort to not cause additional strain that might encourage the tear or a full break.  It was so much harder than I thought it would be.  I guess I had gotten used to my "long" nails.  I know - my nails were by no means legitimately long, but for me they had never been that long in my whole life.  In any case, you will all be gazing upon my awesome nubs for a while - until they grow back, that is!

This is Barry M Racing Green.  It is awesome.

Here is Barry M Blue Glitter with Shu Uemera Nuance Top Coat.  Glittah Bomb-tastic!

I rocked these out at Cocoa Beach yesterday and they were so freaking gorg in the blinding beach sun.  I definitely caught myself staring at them a lot, in between watching crazy little yellow crabs run all over around me.

The Shu top coat is little tiny holo glitter flecks, if you recall.  Maybe I'm the only one who has nails packed with fabuloso blue glittah and thinks to myself, "these need something, for sure!  Maybe a little....glittah?"  :)

I tried a cool product from Orly called Nail Rescue.  It's basically super glue that you paint on your nail, then dip the nail into some fine white powder substance, and finally buff it to a smooth finish.  We got it for my bud whose thumb nail has a huge, bogus crack down the middle.  It filled in and evened out the crack and also filled in some mega ridges she had.  I put some over the tears in my nails and it seems to be helping to keep them strong!  Super cool!  The super glue is crazy and you have to be really careful not to get it on your finger or cuticle, but other than that it's a terrific save in my book.  I'm hoping that it keeps my nails in tact and my brain sane until my nails grow back out. 

5 dizzy comments:

Nubs aren't so bad, I had to cut down one of my nails because of a tear recently too.

Your nails still look pretty. You have long nail beds. Love those polishes. The glittah is amazing! You can blind somebody with these babies!

Well, your nubs aren't too bad in the least. Trust me, the nubs that are my nails are worse. Wanna take a gander?

I love this nail length. I think it looks chic & sophisticated. I keep mine this length because I wear contacts. I let them grow long once, scratched my eye & that was enough for me!

The Barry M Blue Glitter polish is a stunner!

gildedangel - that is so annoying, huh? You are right, they aren't bad. :)

Lucy - thank you for that! I love blinding glittah (ha! obviously)!

Silver Diva - aww, thanks. Your nubs are quite nice from what I can tell!!

Park Avenue - Cool!! I appreciate that perspective. Oh my! I'm sorry about the eye scratching. And yeah, the glitter is so fab. *sigh*

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