Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Sunday night.  How does the time go by so fast?  Probably traveling around like a maniac makes time go faster, huh?  Sheesh.  I'm over it!  I'd like to just stay put for a while.  :D  

So I got back from Houston late Friday night.  I found new polishes at Urban Outfitters while I was there.  Hooray!  They look really fun.  I'll have to take pics for you soon.  I picked up some really great blues along with some fall-ish colors.  I also found fabulous blue Essies from last year, I believe, dirt cheap at Trade Secret!  St. Barth's Blue, Aruba Blue, and Barbados Blue.  I have to say I've never found anything fab at my local Trade Secret.  Thank you, Houston!!

Here are a few shots of the mani I did the night before I left for TX.  It's Anna Sui 302.  I only have pictures from indoors at night, so please forgive the lack of shiny daylight colorful goodness.  It's still pretty impressive!

Silver, shimmering fleshy pink.  

I decided to try out my newest Nars, Tokaido Express from the Fall collection.  It's a groovy deep plum with shimmah.  However, as you will see all too soon, it bubbled like maaaaaad on me!  Wha?!?!  Why, Nars?  I did the same things I always do.  The formula seemed fine, too.  Oh, bother.  Bubbaliciousness, I say.  

It pains me to even post that nonsense.  For an easy save I slapped on some flakie goodness.  I know flakie is properly spelled with a "y" at the end.  I just like how it looks with the "ie."  Here is the Nars with one coat of Nfu-Oh 52.  Totally transformed!  

I realize the sun is just blinding in that picture (welcome to Orlando).  It washed everything out.  Below is a most excellent picture taken in indirect sunlight.  Viola!

Isn't she a beaut!?  I can't figure out why with the shimmering flakies the pics make the polish finish look almost dusty or something.  It definitely does not look the least bit dusty in real life.  Anyway, if the bubbles are still under there somewhere I'm not able to see or feel them.  :)  Bye-bye bubbles!

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Three different polish looks! Love the Anna Sui and all it's glittery goodness. Looks really pretty on you. The Nars is a gorgeous color. Shame it bubbled, but then I wouldn't have seen it with the lovely flakies! That really is gorgeous, sort of like a black opal. Very pretty.

Ooh, that Nfu-Oh is gorgeous! I love the flakies!

Pretty, pretty! Your nails are so lovely! And yes, we are sunny - I'm in Orlando too!

Thanks for sharing your lovely nails with us!

That last color combination is awesome! Where can I buy Nfu-Oh colors in the states?

Hi Lindsey! Thank you. I am in loooove with Nfu-Oh flakies!! The best place I've found to buy them is from a website called fabuloustreet.com The owner's name is Jocelyn and she is super nice and provides excellent service. I'm not affiliated but I can't say enough good things about her. :D

Thanks so much! Love your blog, by the way :D

Susan - you are very welcome. The sun here just really blinds me on a daily basis! I'm originally from Michigan! :)

Lindsey - no problemo. Thank you very much and I'm sooo happy to hear that you love DIzzyNails! :D

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