Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I debated whether or not to post the next picture.  Remember how I had these awful tears in the sides of my nails?  Well, the Orly rescue product helped for a while but the tears were just too severe for me to leave them alone.  My poor two wittle nails cannot get any shorter.

Don't cry for me, nail polish lovers.  I'll be okay.  You'll probably just be seeing more of my right hand for the next few weeks.  ;)  

Today's nails feature the faboo Shades by Barielle Falling Star.  The first time I saw this polish I knew I had to have it.  I am mesmerized by the marriage of the copper glittahs and the dreamy calm of the blue.  

I'm reviving my Konad skills, as well.  This is design plate m41 with China Glaze Poetic.

Don't laugh, but I have the entire Romantiques collection and have never before used a single one.  I know, I know!  And what everyone says is true, because they are perfect for Konading!  I was skeptical, I'm not gonna lie.  I'm fully converted and be sure that you will be seeing plenty of Romantique Konads in the future.  Gorg!

If I had it to do over again I think I would place the daisies a little further up the tips so that more blue shows.  

I do love this design.  It's clean, pretty, and interesting.

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Oh, this is adorable! Looks really cute on your short nails. I don't have any of the Romantiques, but I'm planning on buying a Konad kit this month, so I guess I'll be investing in some of those, as it really does look good as a kondad! Of course, I need that Barielle color. Haha. I haven't seen a swatch of it I didn't like.

That is so cute!

This looks so good! Seeing all of these nice konad designs is making me want to buy one really bad! But I still like the idea of being able to say I free handed what I did (I know it`s a ridiculous excuse, ha ha)

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I love Falling Star. I wanted to wear it as long as I could. I kept adding another layer of polish. The color kept getting darker. I had it on a full week. I never keep polish on that long. I loved it that much. I like it with the Konad on top. Very cute. I had to chop a nail of really short also. It's been cracked on two sides for weeks. It finally gave away. I think it was holding on with two coats of ridge filler plus the nail polish. I took my polish off for the day and that's when it ripped off. Should have kept the polish on.

I love Falling Star, it's my favorite from the collection. I wore it for a week. I just kept adding more polish. I love it with the Konad. Very cute. I had to chop one nail off. I had rips on both sides. I think it was being held on by 2 coats of Ridge Filler and nail polish. I took off my polish on Saturday and my nail just came off. Thankfully it was on the hand with the uneven nails.

I absolutely love this! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

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