Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Hello!  I'm back from the dead - or a few really, really demanding days at work.  Same thing, right?  Here is Barry M Baby Blue!  I love baby blue and this nail polish is super dreamy.  This is three coats.

Next is Silver Sea, also from Barry M.  It's a pretty aquamarine blue with silver glitter.  I think this was two coats.

The picture above is dark, but shows the glitter nicely.  Below is the same polish, just with a flash.

Last is Color Club Wild Child, three coats.  It's a gorgeous, vibrant cool-toned green.  It reminds me a bit of China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise, but maybe a smidge more green.  The pictures below are not exactly color accurate, but give you an idea of how awesome it is!  

5 dizzy comments:

Lovely blue shades! I love blue :-) the wild child is amazing! this is MY color!
your nails looks great in all those colors!

Those Barry M Polishes are gorgeous. They do the best glitter polishes. The Color Club Wild Child is also beautiful. They all look lovely on you. My favorite is the Baby Blue also.

wat can i say gorjuz gorjuz gorjuzzzzzzzz

I hoard my Fav's too ( though not Chanel ) I think that the holo looks just lovley with a T.C.

Those eyeliners do look like they are floating in your hand = Cool!

Hello there Dizzy,
Who new that I would be airing my thoughts on the Internet?! Perhaps it should not SUPRIZE me that Wild Child is totally your color!!!! And that baby blue ... verrrry nice. Those are my instant 2 favorites on that post :)
Love yer K-KUP

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