Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Here is a picture of the most excellent Nfu-Oh #69 with a wee bit of GS03 on top (from the new glitter series).  I didn't realize until after I finished them that I hardly got any of the big holo chunks on the nails!  That's okay.  It's still super cool.  Big chunks are a challenge to work with.  They don't want to stay on the brush and if you're overzealous you can end up with a huge blob of polish on your nail!

Here is a request from my awesome friend, CUP, who wanted to see Misa Heaven White with Nfu-Oh GS02 over it.  It's pretty hard to see the delicate shimmer with the flash, but I picked out the best pictures that hopefully give you an idea of how cool it looks.  

It is very pretty and clean, yet stands out and comes across quite elegant, I have to say!

3 dizzy comments:

I love glitter! The blue looks gorgeous with all that glitter. That's a pretty white but it doesn't show up the glitter much. Pretty nails anyway!

Thanks for the SUPRIZE shoutout :)
That naildo is looking fabulously, elegantly snowrific!

Lucy, thanks! The one picture of the white shows the glitter decently on the pinkie nail...but yeah, you are right. Much neater in real life. *sigh*

KUP - you crack me up because you can never decide if you are "CUP" or "KUP." I prefer it with a "k," but hey, whatever floats yer boat. You are welcome and there will be more to come I'm sure!

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