Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Hooray for the weekend!  And double hooray for not having to work tomorrow!!  I want to catch up a little, since I have some pictures of recent manis that haven't been posted yet.  Here are two from the past week.  First up is OPI DS Treasure.

It really is a treasure to me!  

I like to pretend that I'm special for having it.

This is three coats.  So shimmah-ry!  It looks like a golden, mid-tone orange in most lighting.

Here is a layer combination:  Sephora by OPI (which I will from now on refer to as $OPI) Ocean Love Potion with $OPI Lagoon-a Beach.  Only one coat of each!

I couldn't tell you why it looks like there is a crease/dent across my index fingernail.  I noticed it after I took the pictures and then it was gone by the time the polish had dried completely.  I really don't think I dented it or anything like that.  Strange!  Ghosty dent.  I could handle a million ghost dents, I think, as long as my nails looked smooth when dry.  

I maaaaay or maaay not have purchased large amounts of nail polish online over the past week!  (read:  I did.)  I look forward to posting pictures of Barry M and the BB Couture for Nails limited edition Hot Rod collection soon!!

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Hi Lauren! I found your blog from Brooke's, getchnailsdi. You have such pretty nails. I love Treasure. I'm trying to get them all if I can. I love all the holos and glitters and shimmers. I just love all nail polish! I'm having trouble with your comments. The word verification just shows the tips of the letters. If I click on something (I found it hit or miss) the word will come up. Then I have to click on something to get the submit post. I hope you can fix it. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

Hi Lucy! I'm glad that you found my blog and that you are enjoying it so far. I'm going to look into the issue that you're having with the comments here and hopefully I can get it straightened out (which would be a miracle since I'm pretty new to all of this!). Keep me posted!

Just an update for Lucy and any others who may have had problems with the word verification for comments - I turned it off! I couldn't really figure out what the problem was...so I just disabled the feature. I hope everything works fine now. :) Also, welcome to DizzyNails any and all robots! Ha!

Love your pics! Thanks! Radiant1

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