Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Remember me hinting at my most awesome haul the other day?  These two are from that.  The first is Lancome Indigo Paris.  It is so excellent, smooth, rich and perfect in just one coat!  I paired it with Shu Uemura Nuance top coat, for a little extra something-something.  

I have to say that the top coat was a little strange.  The holo particles were all at the bottom of the bottle.  I shook it up before using it and after the first dip in the bottle the pieces of  holo started falling down again and I felt the need to re-shake to pick up enough glitter again!  Also, the formula was very thin (not a problem, just different).  I didn't seem to have any bubbling, which was a fear with all the constant shaking.  Do you have any polishes or top coats like this?  Is this pretty normal?  I have another Shu holo polish (not a top coat) to try soon and I'll have to see how it compares.  I don't expect it to be too similar since the holo glitter is suspended throughout the polish in that one.  

I'm going to break away from nail polish for a quick minute just to let you all know about a skin care product that I just tried.  I used Exfoli-kate for the first time, from Kate Somerville, and I was skeptical.  To be perfectly honest, from what I've seen on QVC, I find the person Kate Somerville to be very grating and a bit inflated (personality wise).  The products are quite pricey, too.  In any case, after trying the sample, I have to say I'm rather impressed!  My skin feels excellently smooth.  I couldn't believe how potent the scrub is, too.  The directions said to gently massage it on the face for 20-30 seconds and it warned that some redness after use is normal.  I kind of put it off, thinking, "what's the big deal?"  This stuff is for real!  Right around the 20 second mark my face felt like it was on fire.  I quickly rinsed.  My face was indeed red for a little bit.  But no worries, it didn't last and my skin looks great.  All that to say that I'm impressed so far and will be using it again in a few days time.  :)  I hope you don't mind too much if I occasionally blab about skin care and/or makeup.  I love these things also!

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That is a gorgeous colour. I love the lancome bottles!
It looks really lovely with the glitter coat added :)

Ooooooooooooooh so pretty! Indigo Paris is going on my must-have list! Do you have any pics before the top coat?

Glittermillie - it is so awesome! Thank you!

Selina - it's definitely worth a splurge! I cannot - cannot - believe that I didn't take pictures before the top coat. Accckkkk! Why?!?! I'm so sorry. Most always I would have. I will try to swatch it soon and post some pics of it alone for you. :)

Just what I was going to ask for, Indigo Paris before. It is a beautiful color on you. I've never used any Shu nail polish. That top coat reminds me of the Orly ones with the glitter in them. They come in gold and silver. You really have to shake them well. I've never used any Kate Somerville. I don't think I would like that facial scrub.

g0rjuz nailz

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