Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I have to thank my husband for pushing me over the edge in getting this started.  Thanks!  I've been so inspired by other blogs about nail polish that I got this crazy idea that maybe I could have one, too.  I don't expect it to be nearly as cool as other nail blogs, but hey, it's mine, and I hope you like it!  

Enough talk!  More polish!
Here we have the oh so vampylicious-hot-sexy Hard Candy Vinyl.  I heard the angels singing when I applied this!

I decided to add some flakie goodness, on the order of Nfu-Oh #50, and it turned out pretty well!  I also heard the angels singing as I applied the flakies on top of Vinyl.  Really!!

What do you think?  I have to say that so far the pictures seem more amazing than the nails do in real life.  Totally weird.  

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I look forward to sharing much more polish excitement with you in the near future!  :)  

6 dizzy comments:

That looks stunning! Nfu's have got to be one of the most unique polishes available, in my opinion. It's always fun to see what the end result is when you layer them.

Mm-Hmm!! It's endless fun and fascination!

oh my gosh - this polish is fabulous - excellent photos!

aw the little hard candy bottle is so cute! i love the flaky polishes, i have a nyx one that looks sort of like that :) super cute! and i love your nails, you have like non-existent cuticles, so lucky!

OMGosh Lauren, I loved it all, you are so creative. I thought i saw you live in Florida, me too. Nearby? I'm way up in Jacksonville. I have a nailpolish fetish too, we should loan out sometime. You could teach me how you do some of those neato effects!!


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