Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

It's time to holla if you love the holo!  HOLLA!!!  I'm going to go ahead and clear the air by saying that I - love - holographic - nail - polishes.  I do.  It's kind of like I'm a raccoon who's drawn to shiny little metal trinkets...only I'm drawn to shiny holo polishes and I guess I'm not a raccoon.  Yeah.  They are very smart, though!!  

China Glaze OMG.  Two coats.

I don't like to take pictures indoors after the sun has gone down.  I feel like I can never accurately capture the coolness of the colors!  Maybe it's my camera.  

I think this technique worked out decently, though.  

Feel free to leave me a comment if you have advice on this!

I added Color Club Magic Attraction, which might just be my single favorite polish (ya know, if someone put a gun to my head and made me choose one).  Why would someone do that?!

It's like a million mirrors reflecting rainbows!

It's definitely 1000 times more spectacular in person.

I was kind of playing around with this one.  Just being artsy.

If a polish should ever be worth say more than $20, this one should.  I'm really happy that I only paid $2.50.  What a deal!

I hope you like this combination.  I'm seriously, crazily happy about it!  

5 dizzy comments:

Mmm, I need Magic Attaction now. *drools*

Yes! Yes, you do!!

ooooh this is perFECTION!! i need both immediately :) i think this may be the holy grail of holo/glitter polish combos!

kelliegonzo: I completely agree. You simply must get these and try it out for yourself!!

Danica - I ordered mine online. You can find them at www.head2toebeauty.com and also www.8ty8beauty.com I'm not affiliated with either and there may be other sites where you can purchase Color Club polishes. I've heard that some salons sell them but I've never seen them in person, either. I love them because they are cheap, great quality, and have an amazing color range! :)

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