Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Here is one of the spoils of the recent BOGO sale on Butter London polishes at Ulta from last week.
 It's two coats of Knees Up.  This polish applied perfectly and attracted plenty of attention!
 I always feel just a bit self-conscious wearing reds, so I wanted to add decals just to be different and for fun.  I have these Kitty decals from pa brand that someone sent me as an extra with a polish order.
 It's kitties, hearts, houses, and then one random little creature that looks like a mouse maybe?  He is so cute and special - I didn't use him yet.
 I did three accent nails.  Sometimes I just feel asymetrical...yeah.
 Black kitty and black heart on the right hand ring finger.
 The decals are pretty thick, so I used two coats of top coat over them to make sure they were secure.
 My right hand thumb had the white kitty, which I really like!
 My left hand thumb was jealous because I left it decal-less.
This was a fun mani and it definitely made me feel better about wearing red.

12 dizzy comments:

This would be a really nice Holiday red :)

I got this one at Ulta last week too.
I'm wearing it on my toes and looks so pretty.
This color looks very nice on you and I love the kitties! ;)

Luv those decals!!

So stinking cute!

The cat definitely spice up the red. I like them, they're super cute.

Cute! I love this kitties :)

He's gorgeous!
I love it!
And really nice kitty!

I just saw this on another blog today! I love reds like these and love your sticker accent nail!

Daaaaaaaaag! Those kitties sure are red hot!!!!!!!!!

I love teh kittehz!!! Sorry, I couln't help lolcat-ing that sentence. :D That is one gorgeous red! <3

Love love love the color!!! Gorgeous red and the stickers are so cute!!



Now, repeat after me: My nails looks awesome with red polish and I will wear it whenever!

Great stickers, I envy ;-)

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