Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Here I started with two coats of Zoya Envy.  
 I added one, that's right, just one, coat of Lynnderella's She Lived in a Swamp.
 I used a coat of Lynnderella's Glitter Tamer after, followed by two coats of Poshe.
 This one is quite the oddity in my experience because it has pieces of bar-like glitter that are actually curly.  They have a curve to them!  It made the application a little tricky and is also why I needed three coats of something afterword so I didn't feel the little curved bits sticking out.
 Well worth any difficulty, though!  I do love this and have already received numerous compliments and inquiries as to what is on my nails.
 They are quite thick looking, although glassy smooth.  I don't enjoy the thick look personally, but I'm learning to deal with it.  :)
If you don't know anything about Lynnderella's polish, please feel free to check out her blog here.  She is a very talented person who occasionally sells her polish to normally less talented people like myself!  The only downside is that you can't just buy her polish whenever you feel like it (that I know of) - she has to be in production with it and you'd be best to stalk her blog for more info.

13 dizzy comments:

Ahhhhh I am in live with She lives in a swamp!! It's super gorgeous!
Thanks for the awesome swatches!


This combo is crazy beautiful!!! So the glitter tamer wasn't enough to smooth out?? I like the thick look makes me think of perfect acrylic nails :)

WOW! I love this glitter polish!

zomgz CRAZY awesome! I love how dense the glitter is <333

This is amazing!

amazingness! that blingg glitter is stunning!

<3 BB


OMG...swamp moss never looked so pretty!

rmcandlelight - thank you!! I'm still working with my Glitter Tamer and don't have it to a good consistency yet. I did thin it quite a lot, but there isn't much room inside the bottle, which makes it tricky! I'm hoping that in time it will become a favorite. :) It does dry quick and is super shiny, though!

Quick question...does she ever post a way to contact her...or is that only during an active sale? I had no idea how long the last sale lasted and I MISSED it...so sad! I wanted several of hers, especially the brains one, LOL

Gottwinkies - her email address is listed on her blog post featuring all the Halloween polishes. It's around August 11 or so. Just got back further and you should see it. :) Good luck! I hope you can get what you want!

Gahh I am so bummed I didn't order any.. beautiful!!

Thanks Lauren!!! You rock!

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