Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Have you seen Tony Moly Galaxy glitters yet?  Probably.  This was my first time wearing one.
 Here I am wearing two coats of Earth (GT02) with a coat of Lynnderella's Glitter Tamer and then Seche Vite over.
 It's perfectly smooth and insanely shiny (I'm pretty sure that has to do with the awesomeness of the Glitter Tamer).
 I ordered this and the others off of Ebay after seeing Stef's pictures.  Can you blame me?!
I simply adore this polish.  From the ease of application to the beautiful collection of glitters it contains, it is a sure winner.  It is mostly gray, blue, pink, and holo (hard to see in my pictures here, but I promise it is in there!) - all winners in my book.

8 dizzy comments:

This is my favorite Tony Moly, no doubt about it. Gorgeous!

Wow! You have perfect nails!

I love their polishes. I have yet to own any though! Thanks for the swatch!

You mean... I tempted one of the Queens of Glitter?? :D

It's breathtaking on you Lauren!

These look amazing! I just don't want to pay $10/bottle. :(

Laura - I think it will be mine, too! :)

Tina - thank you much! I certainly don't think so, but it's nice to hear, no less! ;) Lots of work and patience...they have come a long way.

Alexisaurus - they really are amazing!! I hope you can get some soon. You are so welcome!

Stef - you more than tempted me! I nearly had a heart attack!! :D Thank you. I still think they look better on you. Or maybe it's your mad photog skillz. ;)

I love your nails! This combo is gorgeous! Can't wait for my Lynderellas to arrive!!!

A great polish!!

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