Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Today I'm sporting a manicure that definitely makes me think of outer space!  It's two coats of China Glaze Haunting with one coat of Lynnderella Bride of Franken.  Haunting is awesome and almost opaque in one coat - not quite, but points for almost!
 I used Orly In a Snap and then a color preserving top coat from Sally Beauty as my two top coats.  I'm not thrilled that the polish is not awesomely smooth, as you can probably see.  A friend on MUA told me that she uses In a Snap and likes it (I had asked her what she uses over KleanColors), so I'm going to use it for KleanColors and see how that goes.
 There's also a weird scratch across my ring finger nail.  Not sure how that happened but you can see it more in the last photo.
 Anyhow, I quite like this combination!  They are very pretty and spacey looking, which I love.
 I think I may put on a matte top coat tonight and see how that goes.  
 If you haven't heard of Lynnderella polishes, you can see her blog here.
I think Bride of Franken is going to be really terrific over pretty much every dark color.

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looks amazing~!

Very cool!


Awesome combo!!

Your posts are so inspiring. Your like my glitter muse!

wow love it!
It's beautiful :)

O.O WOW!!!!!!!!!! This is really, really gorgeous! It really does give the feeling of a night sky brimming with stars and far away galaxies. <3

Andrea - thank you! This is just about the biggest compliment you could ever give me! *blush*

idrinknailpolish - thanks! I've always been a bit fascinated by space and stars. It's nice to feel like I have a tiny piece of that on my nails!

Gorgeous combo!!!


Oh wow! ***drooling***

Love it! That matte really makes those sparkles sparkle!!!

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