Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 For your reading and (mostly) viewing pleasure, I present yesterday's deep space nails on MATTE.
 I used two coats of Essie's Matte About You.  I realize that they still don't look 100% completely matte in all places.  I think the lesson learned (thanks to asking friends on MUA) is to not be stingy when using matte top coats!  :)
 You probably know me well enough to understand how much I like the shiny and the sparkly, yet for reasons fully unknown to me, I felt compelled to try this matte.  
My camera chose to focus only on the bottle in the picture above.  Not a total loss.  I'm mesmerized by all that glitter in the bottle!

My overall verdict?  It's pretty cool!  I'm intrigued by how the glitters appear frozen in time...and space.

10 dizzy comments:

Oh my, it's amazing! I need that one too! :> So happy that I stumbled upon your blog :o) You have a fantastic header/background, I'm enchanted! Go to my blogroll :>

Pani Skeffington - thanks so much! I appreciate that you have me on your blogroll. *blush* I really need to get around to making an official one on mine. I bookmarked your blog, now, too! It's great! :)

This is genious!!

HOLY COW BATMAN!!! Insanely gorgeous.

like it with the matte, but LOVE it without it :P

And this polish just goes so well with your blog background too. I love this matte and shiny. I'm so in love with all the Lynderella swatches.

This combo is perfect! Seriously love it both shiny and matte!!



very deep space! the way the matte almost blurs the fine silver glitter reminds me of a Hubble photograph

Very pretty! I can't wait to get the Lynderellas I ordered!! I'm so excited!

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