Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I was super excited to get the OPI Burlesque collection! I'm really loving all the crazy glitters and the pretty shimmers, too.

For my first layering combination, I started with two coats of Tease-y Does It.

It's a deep, vampy brownish color with a hint of wine.

These pictures were taken in late day sun, so they look very warm and golden.

It's a great Fall color, although not one I'd normally gravitate toward on its own.

So, which fabulous glitter bomb should I put on top?

How about a blue?!

I added a medium-thick coat of Simmer & Shimmer.

It's primarily sky blue glitter, with some other colors mixed in: fuchsia, silver, and gold, by the looks of it!

Even though the glitter pretty much covered everything underneath, I do still like the slight darkness you see at the edges.

It adds a little mystery.

I really love Simmer & Shimmer and can see myself using it again in the future!

Have you been layering with the Burlesque Glitters? Or do you find them too opaque?

3 dizzy comments:

I totally love Simmer & Shimmer! I bought it today. I've got it on w/ a navy underneath.

I love this collection! Tease-y Does It is my favorite one, too bad I misplaced it :( Right now I'm wearing Extra-va-vaganza! on top of China Glaze Oh How Street It Is. I'll be on my blog tomorrow :)

sewingstacy - Woohoo! That sounds lovely.

omgnoodles - Hopefully you find your Tease-y Does It soon. That combination you are wearing sounds fantastic. I'll take a look on your blog. Thanks for the head's up!

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