Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

This is another spoil from having a friend willing to buy me polish when in NYC. I asked for Inglot O2M 647 thinking it was black, from the ink blob lookin' picture on Inglot's website.

That's right, I decided I would just try one in black because I couldn't decide on another color and was intrigued by the breathable enamel concept.

This is two coats of 647, by the way. So, I don't think I particularly believe that this polish is more breathable than any other, but I will say that it applied most excellently and wore well, too.

I highly recommend the formula, be it truly breathable or not! You can read more about these polishes at Inglot's site, here.

I cannot tell you how much I adore the shimmery vampiness of this color! It is so much better than just plain black!

Now, it would have been perfectly glorious all on its own, but I couldn't leave it. I added a coat of Inglot 207.

These pictures are under the little Ikea lamp light I use at my desk where I paint my nails.

The gold holo sparkles are just too pretty!

Check out that rainbow above!!

And now for the smorgasbord of usual poolside pics.

See how the glitter takes on a greenish yellow look above? COOL!

I took way too many pictures. Yes, I did. It was just too beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did!

4 dizzy comments:

surely festive! I tried a blueish green one from this line, wonderful color but it stained my nails like crazy!

I LOVE your pics! It really looks true to color and this polish is sooo worth whatever you paid for it! I am in love with it too

You have a new follower :D

*Oups* I am sorry my previous comment was meant for the Milani Dressmake post !

Trincess - blues and greens can definitely stain really bad! I think I've found my perfect base coat. It has stopped any staining for me. :) It's called Gelous and I get it at Sally Beauty.

tasha - thank you so much!! :D Glad to have you on board!

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