Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I've been painting nails, yes I have. I've been taking pictures, too, thank goodness! :) I've just been lazy and/or busy in terms of posting here...and mea culpa. I'm so sorry!

Below is a really neat picture of NYX Girls Luscious Green, two coats, with L.A. Girl Rock Star Crowd Surfing (also two coats). Flakie goodness!!!

This was a happy mani, for sure. It's so vibrant and alive!

For my first time using NYX Girls polish, I am very impressed. It applied smoothly, evenly, and only needed two coats! It dried pretty quickly and wore decently, too. And the new colors they have are supremely awesome and exciting. Cheap, too!! I ordered from Cherry Culture.

I'm so excited to have L.A. Girl Rock Star polishes, finally! I never did find them in person. I snagged nearly all of them, on sale, too, also from Cherry Culture. They are bomb. I lurve them.

The slightly horrendous, yet fabulously bling photo above is of a mani I did with three thick coats of NYX Girls Frizzy Spots (this name kills me - I adore it) and one coat of L.A. Girl Rock Star Supernova. Holo madness! It was crazy and fun.

I have to share with you all a terrific giveaway on Lyra's blog, Nail Junkie. Go check it out, now! :) She's giving away boatloads of awesome nail loot. You have until March 20 to enter. What are you waiting for?

Hello, big world! I am giving you all that I've got, picture-wise, that is. I feel bad for not updating all week, plus I've been yucky sick for four days now. Boo sickness! ;( What's worse is that I've had two manis this week that I neglected to photo! Oh, the horror.

Moving right along! The is China Glaze C-C-Courage, the re-release. I did three coats.

It's less blue and more purple, in real life.

It has a lovely, sophisticated shimmer, and itty bitty silver glitter.

I love my purples, and this was no exception!

Next up is Orly Rage. I only needed two coats.

I took a lot of pictures because it is just ridiculously stunning.

In the bottle it looks rose gold, and on my tips it seems somewhat more ambiguous.

Kind of beige, copper, and silver.

It's extremely reflective and shiny!

Very metallic and eye-catching. Love it!

Now get ready for some really fun polish! Claire's Mood in Happy/Earthy. That's right, MOOD POLISH!

When my fingers are hot, it turns neon yellow (with a hint of chartreuse). When they are cold, it goes to a dark, luscious green.

I had dipped my index and middle nails under hot water. Then I dipped them all in cold water, turning them a deep green. It is a warmer, true green, in reality, not nearly as cool as it looks here.

Here they are outside, about how they look normally...if there is such a thing!

Matte, neon, green, thermo-dynamic, jelly!! When will it end?! What next?! :)

The picture that you just saw includes a glimpse of what I lovingly call "dagger nail." It's my right index nail and it has been growing back with a vengeance since I had to do a silk wrap on it a while back due to a horrible break. Now it just won't quit! I don't have the heart to cut it down because I've never in my life had a nail this long!

I know, I'm weird.

I ended up with some underground bubbles, if you will. I'm not too sure why, but I hope you'll overlook them and I'm optimistic that someday soon I can find a remedy for this.

Check out that sexy, dangerous dagger nail again!! Woohoo! I could do some serious damage with that. I'd like to think that some day I can get them all to dagger nail status - that is my ultimate goal. It's not that I particularly like long nails. Really, I don't even think I have a preference. But I am always wanting to push the limits and see how far I can go! I will say that maneuvering through daily life with a dagger nail is interesting and different. I could see how some people say long nails get in the way of performing simple tasks.

I'm going to stop rambling now and hope that you've enjoyed a longer-than normal post. I am hoping to feel better soon and get some serious swatching done!

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