Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I've been painting nails, yes I have. I've been taking pictures, too, thank goodness! :) I've just been lazy and/or busy in terms of posting here...and mea culpa. I'm so sorry!

Below is a really neat picture of NYX Girls Luscious Green, two coats, with L.A. Girl Rock Star Crowd Surfing (also two coats). Flakie goodness!!!

This was a happy mani, for sure. It's so vibrant and alive!

For my first time using NYX Girls polish, I am very impressed. It applied smoothly, evenly, and only needed two coats! It dried pretty quickly and wore decently, too. And the new colors they have are supremely awesome and exciting. Cheap, too!! I ordered from Cherry Culture.

I'm so excited to have L.A. Girl Rock Star polishes, finally! I never did find them in person. I snagged nearly all of them, on sale, too, also from Cherry Culture. They are bomb. I lurve them.

The slightly horrendous, yet fabulously bling photo above is of a mani I did with three thick coats of NYX Girls Frizzy Spots (this name kills me - I adore it) and one coat of L.A. Girl Rock Star Supernova. Holo madness! It was crazy and fun.

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Love! I still don't have any flakies. It makes me sad.

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