Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is likely to be the last orange post you'll see from me in a while.
 I like orange, don't get me wrong!  I'm just going to be taking a break from it for a while after this recent marathon of sorts.
 Here is the last polish from the Sephora + Pantone polish set:  Tangerine Tango Cream.  I used two coats and found it be a cross between a jelly and a creme finish.
It's really shiny and squishy.  Also, it is extremely vibrant and lively.  You can see only faint hints of VNL, which is fine by me.

7 dizzy comments:

Whew for a minute I thought you were quitting blogging :O Don't scare us like that again!

Gorgeous orange! Really like this one.

Cuti-CLUE-les - oh GOSH NO! LOL Sorry for the scare. I'm just bidding my orange spell a fond farewell! Yiiiikes. I won't leave!! <3

this is a beautiful mani - the best application of nail polish on any fingers i've ever seen. ever. :]

I just found your blog and I'm hooked! You just helped me decide that I don't only need the Pantone set, I need the Sephora Collection editions as well. I love oranges and I love Pantone. I was thrilled to see this year's Color of the Year, and doubly thrilled when I came across the collection. Thanks for all the great photos! (Have you seen the lip glosses and other items, too? I have to go broke now.)

Daisy - wow, thank you so, so, so much! That's very kind of you! :)

tess - yay, I'm glad you found me! Welcome! The Pantone and Sephora polishes are really a treat. I do have a bunch of other Pantone stuff, too, like the lip glosses, eyeliners, blushes, and eyeshadows. I really like almost all of them! The blush duo and eyeliners are a must.

You paint your nails PERFECTLY! and I love the green illamasqua colour on its own much more!

I didn't actually leave a comment; I tried to subscribe by email. But I'll leave a comment now! I just found your blog and I really like it. Great pics, good reviews. Hope to receive reviews, etc. in the future. Thanks!

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