Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is two coats of Sephora Torrid Shimmer (kind of a silly name) and then two coats of Pretty & Polished Inked over the ring fingernail.
 I did the same accent on my right index fingernail.
 I rushed the coats of Inked, so it could have been smoother had I been patient.  Also, an extra coat of top coat would not have hurt that nail, either!
 I think the purple and the orange make a lovely pair.
 I'm also glad I got a set of these cool chunky glitters from Pretty & Polished!  I'm sure to have lots of fun with them.
If you are getting tired of orange, take heart - the end is near.

5 dizzy comments:

those purple look awesome!

that's a great orange color! it's very rich and sophisticated, something i never expect orange to be!

What beautiful polishes!! :D

super cool! love the accent!!!!!!!!!!

Who could get tired of orange polish?? (Not me for sure). Lovely combo!

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