Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is my borzoi Georgia.  I often call her just "George."
She loves to sunbathe.
 The above picture is not very recent.  I can vouch for her having more majestic and fluffy neck hair now (almost like a mane).
 She's an absolutely crazy lunatic dog, but I do love her so.
Varekai, the eldest borzoi, would be a little jealous if I didn't include her picture here, too.  She's my cream puff sweetheart doll-face.
 And this is A-England St. George!
 I used two coats topped with Seche Vite.
 I couldn't think of St. George without immediately thinking of my George....Georgia, that is.
 It's one hot polish.  It applied effortlessly.
It's not the blingiest holo out there, but I really enjoy it.  Glorious!  Majestic!  Just like my borzoi babies.

10 dizzy comments:

Your puppies are so gorgeous! I love seeing pics of them. Oh, and the mani is pretty too:)

Love the nail color; such a rich green. Also, love the dogs!!!! I'm a BIG dog person.

What beautiful dogs! They are incredible! If I saw you walking them on the street, I would totally have to stop you and ask what they were :) But now I know!

Borzois look so regal! I am laughing at the length of their noses compared to the (lack of) length of my pug's nose :)

That polish is gorgeous!!

Both your dogs are so pretty! I loved seeing their pictures!

hello george, i love you ... and moop of course i love you tooo!
dizzy, prettyy polish! love you tooo !!!

Gorgeous dogs and mani's :)

Your furbabies are lovely...those eyes! I love St. George, too....my friend bought it and I frequently contemplate what it would take to sweet talk her out of a little teeny bit, lol!

Beautiful dogs and polish, of course :D

It looks delicate and fun :) I like it a lot!

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