Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Check out this hot holo combo! I used Kleancolor Disco Purple as the base (three coats) and topped it with Holo Chrome.

The bottle shown above is Disco Purple. It's a really great blurple shimmer.

Holo Chrome is AWESOME. It's a purple holo that leans just a bit blue, although not quite as blue as it seems to appear in my pictures. They're pretty close to being color accurate, though!

I threw out the top cap cover thingy on Holo Chrome, along with several others from my Kleancolor order, because they arrived in a weird semi-melted state. How bizarre!

I ordered from Kleancolor's site.

They have a really great range of colors and finishes. They also have swatch pictures of all the colors on Flickr! The brushes aren't my favorite, but they're not the worst, either. Also, you should know that these puppies smell pretty strong! They have a nice toxic waste sort of scent but it honestly doesn't bother me too much. Is that bad? :)

I like this last shot because it shows off the cool little blue sparkle hiding in that mess of holo. Secret blue sparkle! Woo hoo!

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All i have to say is wow! that is a gorgeous colour


Wow, this is stunning polish!

Great combo!! :D

This is beautiful! I love the purple and all of the awesome holo-ness!!

I love the way this looks, beautiful pictures. This one is definitely going on my "to buy" list. I own all of the Chunky Holos, my favorite is Chunky Holo Black. I was ecstatic when I went into a local market here in Phoenix, and they have a huge assortment of Kleancolor polishes for $1.00!! So now I make it a habit of stopping in every few weeks to see what catches my eye. Thanks for the post. Your blog is amazing.

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