Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Ever since I saw the polish, read the name, I knew I had to have NYX Girls Pimp My Nail! Oh man, I just love it!

I started with three coats. It's a neon jelly but actually did not dry matte. Odd.

I added one coat of KleanColor Holo Green.

I'm pretty sure it was still fairly wet in these pictures, so that explains any gushy-looking-ness you might see.

It turned out fun!

Oh yeah, that pic looked really squishy!

Pimp my nail! Yeah, baby, yeah!!!

2 dizzy comments:

Great colour and nice layering!

Wow!!! That looks great...I don't own any of the NYX and wouldn't begin to know where to look...but, I have lots and lots of kleancolor and there's a color called Bikini Green that looks really similar to that NYX. I've gotta try this combo...Oh, If you're looking for a huge selection of Kleancolor for cheap ($1) try this site http://accessoryhut.bigcartel.com/ Gotta go polish my nails, LOL!

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