Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

A really kind person on MUA sent me Maybelline Vanishing Venus, along with two other polishes! How did I get so lucky?!

Here it is in three coats, topped with $OPI Only Gold for Me.

I love the green shimmer in Vanishing Venus. It's so spectacular and unexpected!

The same person also sent me H&M Electric and Cover Girl IceSlicks Anti-Freeze! I used them together, below. It's four coats of Electric and one coat of Anti-Freeze. Electric has an insane silver shimmer and Anti-Freeze has iridescent glitter that is pretty hard to see in this picture, but also just on top of Electric. It would probably be more noticeable over another color of polish and I will definitely be trying it over others soon!

And my last mani is with $OPI Midnight Mambo. It's an online exclusive, and I believe LE, so hurry up and get one!! :)

I used two coats. This polish is very thick but yet not hard to work with. I also finished it with two top coats and you could still feel the bumpiness of the glitter underneath!

Pardon my poor middle nail that broke. I love the bright blinginess of Midnight Mambo! So lovely!

In my next post I will spend a little time going over nail care and tips/tricks for application, as suggested by a most welcome comment from Morgan. Thanks for the suggestion, Morgan! Stay Tuned!

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