Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I ordered Cetuem polishes from the U.K. about a month ago. It was on a whim, and all the colors I picked were shown as duochromes. I was very excited waiting for these babies to come! When they finally did arrive (and it didn't take terribly long, either), I just had to swatch them all. And, thankfully, the lighting was good that day, and my nails didn't look too shabby...so, without further ado!

This is 216 (four coats). It is an interesting plummy red with a pretty strong amber/gold flash.

Or maybe it's more reddish plum! You decide.

I had no trouble at all with application. Some of these did need four coats, though, which is a little tedious.

Yes, I took way, way, too many pictures. I hope you approve. :)

194 (three coats). It is a cool, soft, and kind of grayed purple, with a bit of a plummy pink and an almost beige-ish flash. Pretty subtle, flashes, though.

Now for 167 (three coats). To be perfectly honest, there is not much difference between this and 166, which is up next. I do love them both, but I can't hardly tell them apart!

167 is a soft mauvey plum with a pretty strong golden amber type flash.

166 (three coats). The near identical twin to 167!

The gold flash on this one maybe leans a wee bit green at times?

It maybe has a bit more pink to it, over all. I can't even say for sure, because frankly, these twins have me awfully confused just looking at the pictures.

I probably could've spoken with more certainty, more eloquently, had I done this post more recently to the date when I swatched them. Or, I could have taken some notes!

Lesson learned. In any case, I really do like both. Doubtful I *need* both, though!

161 (four coats). Isn't this just gorgeous?

A lovely, soft, icy aqua. Only the tiniest hint of a green flash. Not really what I would consider a duochrome.

Naked thumbnail, I see you! What are you doing here?!

My unpainted thumbnail wanted in on the action there, along with the beach ball!

165 (three coats). This is a very pretty coral/orange.

It flashes between the pinkier side and the more orange side.

The effect on this one is really pretty. Soft and firey, all at the same time!

163 (four coats). I love this pale, delicate periwinkle.

It has a nice, yet soft, pinky-purple flash.

This color definitely soothes and calms me.

Here is 214 (four coats). It is a cool-toned red with a slight orange flash.

Also not a true duochrome, in my mind, but still pretty nonetheless.

As I mentioned, none of these gave me any real issues with application. The dry time seemed pretty good, as well.

Here is 224 (three coats). This was my manicure that day, so it has top coat, too.

It's a dark, graphite/purple with a pretty good green flash.

It reminds me of Nubar Peacock Feathers, but I will need to do a side-by-side comparison some day to see if there are differences.

I think the 224 leans a hair more graphite and PF is a bit more purple.

But that is just going off of my memory.

I might have gotten a little carried away with the pictures on this one!

With Inglot 203 added.

This looked super cool and I really, really adored it.

My Dad commented on my cool "green" nails. I had to put them right up in his face to prove that there was any purple involved! He didn't believe me at first.

The saddest part of this mani was that I learned the hard way how Nail Tek II does not love me.

I did go swimming that day, so maybe there was some pool voodoo involved, but I kind of doubt it since the pool doesn't usually affect the longevity of my wear. Within maybe eight hours of having this fab combo on, it began lifting at the corners in a major way!

Live and learn, that's how it's done. Thanks for joining me on this Mister Toad-esque Wild kind of ride, a-la Cetuem tour de force! (Okay, that was a bit dramatic.)

10 dizzy comments:

I love all of these and your pictures were all great!!! And of course they look beautiful on you! Thank you for sharing :)

Thank you so much, R! I have to say, I was pretty proud of these. :)

Mmmm Mmmmm, that blue is H-H-HOT! and the periwinkle, well you know how I feel about periwinkle! Need I mention that I had a periwinkle tutu!

:) Anonymous KUP

PS I love a nice mr toad wild ride!

yes my beach ball does enjoy a nice photo shoot every now and then!

I have 216, it's beautiful and stays quite, but pity these have toluene as first ingredient.

These are gorgeous! ♥

i love your all the pictures, they show a great way of the duo-chrome effect :)

i love 161! it looks awesome with your skintone. when i saw "161 (4 coats)", i read it wrong as 161 coats. i was like whoa! actually? LOL. i should learn to read properly :P


I just found your blog and I looked at every single post! Your pictures are big and detailed and make me want to run out and buy ridiculous quantities. And I am obviously going to go paint mine as soon as I am done writing this lol

I was just wondering if you might be able to do a post on your technique or any tips you have for applying polish to nails your length or shorter? Also any cuticle care tips?? I noticed how clean and neat your edges look. Mine definitely don't look like that...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! :)

Where oh where can I order these? Love your posts!
Nailsit at gmail dot com

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