Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Hey, Peeps! I have some pictures for ya of a fun holo stamped mani I did not too long ago. I literally had a holo craving when I put this on. A craving, I tell ya! This is Nfu-Oh 66. I used three coats.

It's sweet perfection.

How much do you love holo polishes? I can't go without 'em.

It was terrific on its own, but I decided to add some Bundle Monster stamps. :)

Again, I used BM20, with black Special Konad polish.

I can't take credit for this idea all on my own, because I saw some of the lovely ladies on Make Up Alley doing this type of design on holo polish and fell in love!

I definitely had a little trouble with the Konad black polish. It's so pigmented, so it inevitably gets all over the place with the cotton and my fingers. Also, it wasn't transferring totally clean.

You like my wee Stitch doll? My hubby got it for me when we went to Disney with our little nieces a couple months ago. He's so cute!!! (the doll, erm.)

Hubby is cute, too. Hee hee. Even though the stamping wasn't perfection, it still looked really awesome and I was loving wearing this!! Obviously I still have lots to learn about stamping. I think I may try using my beloved Illamasqua Boosh the next time I want to stamp with black.

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This look beautiful on you! Design is great too :)

So beautiful! Love the stamping mani as well :)

Loving it :) The stamps on that holo polish reminds me of those stars you could put in your roof and they glowed in the dark. No idea why it reminds me of those :p

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