Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Rainbow Honey Mint Flavor, three coats.  It's so unexpectedly amazing!!
 The color just demands attention.  It's so fresh and lovely.
 Application was easy.  I did not get good wear at all, much to my dismay (it chipped in a day).  It's so gorgeous, though, that I will be sure to try it again soon.
Did you get this one?  Are you planning to?  I'm not sure I've seen another blue-ish, green-ish, mint color quite like it!

 This was a pretty groovy combo.  I used three coats of Crowstoes Celaeno and a coat of Rainbow Honey Soul Gem.
 I have a mini Soul Gem, and I'm tempted to buy a full-sized one!  It's so pretty and the shimmers are perfectly smooth.
 Celaeno is a really fab shifter, going from bronze to gold to green.  And of course, it's all shimmery and whatnot!!
 Being that my nails were very short here, I was actually patient and let the layers dry pretty well in between.  I was shocked to not have any tip shrink by doing this.  Hooray for patience!!
 This mani wore very well for me.  I want to say five days, give or take.
 Check out all the yummy green above!
Celaeno was a little thick for me, during application.  I think if you go slow, like I did, you shouldn't have any trouble.  Now, if only I knew how to say the name!

 I recently purchased my first YSL nail polish.  This is 34 Jade Impérial.
 It is arguably not the sexiest color ever, against my skintone.  However, the formula is absolute perfection!!
 What's more?  I'm obsessed and in love with the brush!!  It practically did my manicure for me.
 I love this so much and definitely need more YSL polishes in my life.
Do you have YSL polishes?  What's your feeling on them?

 This mani was rockstar-tacular, if I do say so!  I LOVED it.
 I started with two easy coats of Rainbow Honey Apple Kid, a super bright almost neon sort of fuchsia with delicate shimmer.  Then I added a coat of Lynnderella Elf Love, which I surely do love.
 Is this not like so cute you can hardly stand it?!  Okay, well, maybe it's just me.
 I wore this for close to a week, as I recall.
 I'm really not so much of a pink fan or pink girl in general, but this is just delicious for me!
Elf Love is turning out to be one of my favorite Lynnderella polishes!  I'm so glad I have it.  Might just start putting it over everything.  :)

 This is about 2 and a half coats of Nails Inc. Hatton Garden.
 You can see my turquoise t-shirt reflecting in the bottle cap!
 I did not end up wearing this mani for long at all - something about it just bugged me.  Mostly it was that little sliver of white nail end showing on the right side of my ring finger nail (see below).  Grrr.
 I believe I used two coats of Shimmer Glass under my Sephora X top coat.
I will have to give this one another try because it's really fun and pretty to look at!

 Two words:  Magic.  Cake.
 I started here with an easy coat of Cult Nails Nevermore.
 Then I added a coat to a coat and a half of Rainbow Honey Magic Cake.  I used painting motions with just a little bit of dabbing.
A coat of Gelous and then top coat made it smooth enough for me.
 This combo made me so very happy!  I love, love, love!!!
I'm really glad I sprung for the full size bottle of Magic Cake.  I don't ever want to be without it!

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