Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This was a pretty groovy combo.  I used three coats of Crowstoes Celaeno and a coat of Rainbow Honey Soul Gem.
 I have a mini Soul Gem, and I'm tempted to buy a full-sized one!  It's so pretty and the shimmers are perfectly smooth.
 Celaeno is a really fab shifter, going from bronze to gold to green.  And of course, it's all shimmery and whatnot!!
 Being that my nails were very short here, I was actually patient and let the layers dry pretty well in between.  I was shocked to not have any tip shrink by doing this.  Hooray for patience!!
 This mani wore very well for me.  I want to say five days, give or take.
 Check out all the yummy green above!
Celaeno was a little thick for me, during application.  I think if you go slow, like I did, you shouldn't have any trouble.  Now, if only I knew how to say the name!

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Love it! Love the color for I find it classy and elegant. I think its perfect for any occasion. Its def worth a try.

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