Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 How many times have you seen me wear sheer nail polish?
 And how many times have you seen me wear one coat of a sheer nail polish?!
 This is Deborah Lippmann Fairydust, and you guessed it, I am wearing just one coat of it.
 I was lucky enough to score this brand new tester for free (yaaay Nordstrom and thankyouverymuch!) and was super excited about it.  It's such a pretty shimmer and I may or may not be a True Blood fan (okay, yeah, I am).
 Despite it being a tiny bit streaky, I actually think it looks quite pretty this way.  What do you think?
Here's a picture in blazing hot direct sun.  Oh, and as a bonus, I needed a really quick and easy mani the morning I put this on, and Fairydust served me just perfect for that!  I wore this mani for about five days, as I recall.

2 dizzy comments:

Really like it - I do my nails in something similar all the time and then keep my toes wild - I like the clean look on my fingers and it's a lot easier to wear and not worry if I get a little chip going.

Though it is not my typical nail color because its lightness, I want to try it out for a change. It looks natural and kinda perfect for everyday wear.

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