Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Here is Illamasqua Purity.  It's even better in person!
 It looks just a little paler and fleshier in real life - but is still quite different enough to be a real peach and not nude.  I adore this and got many compliments on it.
 I am pretty sure I only needed two coats.
 Next is Essie Pretty Edgy.  I want to say I only used two coats of it - but it might possibly have been three.  My memory - not very good!
 You can see from my junky looking bottle that it's old and needs more shaking (although I shook it quite a bit!).  My pictures, fortunately, do not show much of the bubbles I had in the polish from shaking it too too much just prior to applying!  D'oh!  It was still a pretty mani that I very much enjoyed.
Thanks for looking and I hope you have a great weekend!  :)

5 dizzy comments:

Purity looks gorgeous, but they're the type of shades that tend to clash a little with my skin tone. Still beautiful though.

I love those two shades, and I am in desperate need of sunshine ;)

try rolling the bottle between the palms of your hands, it will make the formule well mixed but non bubbly ;)

I love Pretty Edgy, I am wearing it on tips and toes as I type this, It is the perfect St. Patrick's day green, and that peach is lovely.

Crystal - sunshine, we have plenty of! :) Thanks for the tip! I actually started out doing that, but got impatient because of how separated it was. Oops.

Pretty! I'm a new follower, would love if you would follow me back on my blog! i am unable to email you right now, but u could just find it on my profile if you're interested, take care! : )

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