Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is three coats of BB Couture for Nails Redwood Forest.
 Yummy, shimmery, fabulous greeeen.  Application was easy.
 The shimmer is blueish.  Do love!
I used my Sephora X base and top coat.  It wore well for at least three days.  I can't remember the exact wear time, but I've not been disappointed with the X base-top combo yet, save for the one time I tried it with Zoya polish.  Hooray for longer wearing manis!  Also, I love how the X top coat is super shiny and stays very shiny for a long time.  I don't love the texture of it - kind of thick and tricky, but worth the trouble, I will say.

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Wow I like how blue toned redwood forest is. And you can't beat that glitter

This one looks like a pretty decent green. Since it's kind of thick why don't you put a drop of polish thinner to see if it helps?

This is so beautiful. I have a deep love for redwood forests, I even moved to be near them, so this polish has my heart forever. I guess it is nearly unobtainable now, so I will just enjoy it's beauty for a while on your nails. Thank you for sharing this gem.

lovenailpolish - I've not seen them since I was a small child. I'm glad they bring you such joy! Hopefully you can get a bottle of Redwood Forest some day. :)

Choi - It's a wonderful green! The top coat is the thick one (I wasn't very clear) and I do thin it, probably not enough! Thanks!

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