Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is three coats of Lippmann Sugar Shack.  I recently got the three piece holiday set at Bloomingdales.  They had plenty of them, still!
 Call me a sucker for shimmery, duochromey, glass flecked polishes.  The formula is always tricky for me - but I think I've finally mastered it.  I just have to go very slow and wait in between coats.  This prevents bubbles for me, which I find particularly troublesome with this type of finish.
 I really love the blue shimmer!  I used Sephora X base and top coats here, which gave me a good three days of wear (better than what I normally get with Lippmanns).
I do wish the formula was more pigmented on this, but again, it seems to go part and parcel with this type of polish finish.  They just are kinda sheer.  Three careful coats did the trick, though, so really, I can't complain.

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Love the shimmmmmmaaaa!

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