Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle!!!!!  Let me count the ways I love this!  This is pretty much the hottest hawtness evar.
 I used a coat of black (honestly, I can't recall if it was Finger Paints or Cult Nails) followed by a coat of Lynnderella Thank Blue, Too!  I finished with two coats of Gelous and a coat of Sephora X top coat.
 I wore this for about three or four days and they were some happy pretty nail days, I tell you!
I think I can die happy now.  All is well.  Oh!  But, if I die now - or even soon-ish - can someone please make sure I have my nails done up just like this?!  :)  Thanks.

4 dizzy comments:

OMG! So pretty so sparkly! Love it! I have read your nail death wish ... Granted, though I am looking forward to your long life :)

This is awesome! I love how sparkly it is.

WOW! beautiful!

*sigh* Another one to add to my wishlist!! It seems my Lynnderella list is never ending!! This one is so pretty!!!

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