Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is three coats of Two Fingered Salute.  I used the Sephora X base and top coats with it.  This color is really unique being a dusty sea foam sort of minty green with copper micro glitters.
 I did this manicure at my parents' house, in very poor lighting, with no clean up!  I was very worried about how it was going to turn out, but really, aside from my nails looking very ridged here, the actual manicure came out well.  :)  I couldn't even tell you if I needed that third coat of polish or not because of the dim lighting.  Ha!
The formula on this polish was a bit odd to me.  It was thick and stiff, definitely not the easiest to work with.  Had I been at home, I would have for sure added thinner to it.  It also seemed to dry very quickly - almost too quickly, if that makes sense.

Do you like this one?

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Very unique colour and absolutely stunning!

I wasn't sure about this polish when I first saw it, but the more swatches I see, the more I like it. And I haven't seen anything else like it. I hope someone has a Butter London promo soon so I can get it :)

Awww...this is so pretty. Love the color and the glitters on it. I find this classy and elegant which makes it perfect for everyday wear.

SO nice, reminds me of a turquoise stone!

So pretty!

I've never commented before, but I just wanted to say I used to have the same problems you did, with polish chipping/peeling within the first few days--no matter what top or basecoat I tried. Your recommendation about the Sephora base and topcoat was SPOT ON! I got 9 days without tip wear, and couldn't believe it. My friend gave it a shot and she had about 5 days....so I guess it really depends on the person, how hard they are on their hands and their body chemistry.


Anonymous - I'm so happy I could help!! Hooray!!! It's exciting not to have to change every day or two! :)

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