Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 I've had this on for four days now, and oddly, it seems like longer.  This is four thin coats of OPI The World is Not Enough.
 I used Sephora X base coat under it and Sephora X top coat over top.  For whatever reason, the X base and top combined with OPI has been giving me better than normal wear!  Hooray!
 It's still not as good as my nine days with X polish...but four or five days with OPI is novel and fun for me!
 I tried to wear this one earlier and had some icky bubbling, likely because I went too fast.  I say "too fast," but really it was as fast as I normally go (not waiting between coats or anything).  This type of polish, I find, really needs some patience and babying.  What should I even call this finish?  Metallic shimmer?!  It's freaking gorgeous, whatever it is.
 So, yeah, just GO SLOW, and it will all be okay and be totally worth it.  I waited between my coats, I made sure to do thinner coats than normal (thus the need for four coats), and presto-magic-o, my mani was near perfect!
 Also, just so you know, this is way prettier in person than in pictures.  It's super shiny and metallic looking.  In some lights it appears a bit purple to me, which I really enjoy.
Do you have it?  Do you love it?  What do you think?

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What an amazing colour! An it looks great on you :D

Love it! Love the color for I find it elegant and classy. This nail color is perfect for any occasion. Great choice!

Perfect picture of it! You really caught it!

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