Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This will be a short post with only a few sad pictures!  It's been a tiring, long week.  Thank goodness it's over.  Here I wore two coats of Nails Inc. Sweets Way.
 Do you like my bizarre cropping and angles?!  I had an epic hangnail and I couldn't bear to subject you all to the nasty sight of it.  We'll just pretend it's not there, how about that?  :)
These Sprinkles polishes are extremely hungry glitters, folks!  Brace yourselves and get the good, thick top coats out and ready!  It's worth it, though.  Here I used two coats of Instant Artificials, a coat of Sephora by OPI quick dry top coat, and a final desperate coat of Poshe.  I regret the combination, ultimately, because of bubbles.  I hate bubbles.  But it was pretty near awesomely smooth after ALL OF THAT.

12 dizzy comments:

So pretty nails!! Love it!!


i dont think those pictures are sad at all. man those sprinkles look so cute!!! i fell of my seat ! :D

lovely polish

Aline - thank you so much!! :)

Kumiko Mae - thank you kindly! I guess I am being hard on myself because I really wanted rockstar pictures of this one. It's such a great polish! I'm glad you like it!

Tintin - thank you!

I'm so in love with this polish from all the swatches I've seen! The others are really awesome too. I just might have to get them, but I'm not sure yet.

I love all of the Sprinkles polishes! Beautiful color! <3

Love seeing Sprinkles swatches, Sweets Way is my favorite! Fabulous looking!

i like how you posted this on the day i finally picked it up!! i can't wait to try it :D

Dude, your pics are awesome! Mine had bubbles too! All of them :/ I wonder if it's something about the super dense glitter? Boo! I love your photos though. Great technique/camera :)

so pretty, looks like easter some day you will have to introduce me to all of your new nail polish friends (ie brands)!

Is it difficult to remove this nail polish? I am not a big fan of big glitters becuz it's always too hard to remove them after all.

Jaya - thank you so much! I do think dense and complex glitters tend to bring on the bubbles more than other types of polishes (except some duochromes, which I find to be bubble-rific). Maybe the bubble hide in between the glitters or something?

Rachel K. - I'm sure it would be a nightmare to remove by traditional methods. I use a "scrubby tub" from Target, which makes it relatively easy to remove. In fact, I use the scrubby tub more often than not - even with manis that are not glittery, because it works so well, is so easy, and seems to help prevent staining of my skin that sometimes happens when removing super pigmented polishes. Anyway, here is a link to my old post that shows pictures of the scrubby tub. I can't live without it! http://www.dizzynails.com/2011/04/basics.html

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