Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Want to know what this is?!
 It's two coats of Purple Smoke from an up-and-coming brand called Contrary Polish.
 It has blue, pink, and purple delicate shimmers in a smoky gray base that leans sort of purple (at times it looked to be leaning blue - but I was also wearing a dusty gray blue t-shirt that day and it seemed to match almost perfectly!).
 I love these dusty ambiguous colors.  And the shimmer is just wonderful!
 Application was a breeze.  I did end up using three coats on my thumbs, so perhaps I should have done three thinner coats on all the nails.
I'll keep you posted as to when Contrary Polish becomes available to the public!  And I have a few more pretty colors to show you soon.  :)

5 dizzy comments:

Very nice!

ooh, these looks gorgeous! I love dusty colors with shimmer, a la Paradoxal :)

Love this! Amazing shimmer!

I love your glitter manicure. The ruby red ruby nail polish looks interesting. Would it be okay if I ask where you bought it? I've seen custom polishes on sites like Etsy and such, so I'm just curious if that's one of those perhaps?

Cool Nail Ideas - thank you! I bought it direct from the seller/creator maybe a year ago or so. She's now selling on Ebay. You can search for them under the brand name "Lynnderella."

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