Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 It's glittah time!  Here I started with two coats of Eternal END-202.

 The Eternal glitter is sooooo pretty with pale gold and silver.  I wish I had taken a picture of it by itself for you!
 Next, I added a coat of Color Club Gingerbread, for a little extra gold and holo bling.
 Love it!
 And then two coats of Lynnderella Happy Holo-Daze!
 I needed a coat of Gelous after, as well as two coats of Poshe.  It still wasn't quite smooth, but close enough for me.
 My Happy Holo-Daze! is scented!  I know that sounds absolutely bonkers, but I swear to you it's true.
 The smell reminds me a little of Paul & Joe polishes, but not exactly. (I have a cold which does not help.)

I think the fact that mine is scented is likely a mistake and without a doubt SUPER COOL!  My Funny Money turned out to be not scented (and it is supposed to be), so all in all, I feel pretty content.

9 dizzy comments:

This is so festive and fun, I love it!!!!

this is gorgeous!

I LOOOOOVVEEE THIS MANI!!! I really like the layering you did too with the different golds. I am going to have to look into these Lynnderella polishes.. I have a feeling I will have to purchase some for myself for xmas! lol

Ooooh, all three polishes are so amazing on their own, but combined? Wow, glitter MADNESS haha. I would definitely wear this :)

Gorgeous combo!!!!! I may have to copy you with similar colors :3

OMG that is one gorgeous mani!!! You rocked this so much!!! <3

Oh my gosh this is to die for! *drools*

Oh wow! This looks SO great!

Thanks for the idea...I put Happy Holo-Daze over OPI Glitzerland. My nails look fabulous! I've previously worn HH-D over Orly Au Champagne, another great match!

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