Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Here is Hello Kitty Red Sparkle from the current Noir collection at Sephora.
 I used a base of two coats of Diamond Cosmetics Matte Black and then one generous but not gloppy coat of Red Sparkle.
 I love that Red Sparkle applied so evenly and easily.  That adorable kitty bottle is hard to hold for pictures, though!
 This just continues my current red obsession.  I'm plotting my future red manis, as long as I still enjoy wearing this festive color!  :)
I hope to see more lovely, sparkly and even edgy colors from Hello Kitty.  And by edgy, I mean you, Night Sparkle!  Oh - I don't think I've shown you that one yet.  Here:
This is just a swatch with only one coat!  LOVE it.

12 dizzy comments:

You're killing me, Diz. You're killing me.


This red is perfect!!
And the second is so classy!

OMG! So sweet *-*
I want the 2nd!

I love your Night Sparkle swatch! I've been thinking of getting this one and I think I will. Red Sparkle is cute as well. I'm on the edge about that one but maybe I'll get it. :)

night sparkle is gorrrrrrgeous.. red sparkle reminds me of CG ring in the red, i think

Night Sparkle is gorgeous!

Night Sparkle is a real stunner :)


How did I not know that there were new HK polishes at Sephora? I need to check these out ASAP!

Oh WOW...I love Night sparkle! *sigh* my kind of color!

I have to agree with all the comments loving Night Sparkle!

Beautiful mani's! Didn't know there were new Hello Kitties.

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