Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Many of you already know about Rainbow Honey's latest collection, Summer Mixtape, which launched just a few days ago.  Here is a little review of the three polishes I have.  I was sent Control, Shark Attack, and Elevate.  Imagine how pleased I was to open up these beauties!!
 This is two coats of Control, a glorious neon pink shimmer.  I did use top coat here, as it dried matte due to being a neon.  Application was easy and smooth.
 This color is so summery and beautiful and I love the addition of iridescent shimmer bits (always and forever)!
 Putting a coat of Elevate over top of Control seemed the natural and right thing to do!  Elevate has really fun matte glitters including circles and triangles.  So cool!  I literally slapped a coat on not carefully at all and am happy with the results.  (No top coat used here, but I certainly would if I was doing this for a mani.)
 I really like Elevate and anticipate it being a great topper over many colors.
 With Shark Attack, I opted for a blue base, using two coats of Urban Decay Chaos.  As an aside, I love Chaos, but why does it smell like crazy toxic onions?!  Shark Attack is blue, silver, and red glitters primarily, all swimming in a blue jelly base.  See the little "shark fin" triangle on my middle finger?
I love the teeny red glitters in Shark Attack and I think the name and concept of this polish are really rad!  If you are curious about wearing this one on its own, I'm sure you could, but I decided not to since the jelly base looks pretty sheer.  This one I also applied very haphazardly!  No problems, issues, or complaints here.  I used a coat of top coat here - it was needed.  I would have added a coat of Gelous under that for a mani, just to get everything extra smooth.

Now for the exciting part!  There is a discount code for Rainbow Honey!  Use MIXTAPE20 to get 20% off your next order.  WOOHOO!  This code expires 8/31/2014.  I think an early birthday order may be in my future.  :)  You can see all that Rainbow Honey has to offer at their site here.

Thank you so very much to Rainbow Honey for sending me these polishes to review.  I really appreciate it and keep up the great work on such super cool colors, glitters, and concepts!  All the opinions in this review are honest and my own.  While I am happy to receive these nail polishes free of charge, I am not paid to do this post or review.

It's been a busy summer so far.  I'm still hoping very much to get back in the groove of more regular posting.  I hope that everyone out there is doing well and enjoying all the pretty polish!  XOXO

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ahh i love those glitters!

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