Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Rainbow Honey just released a brand new collection of 15 polishes called "The Final Battle."  They were generous enough to send me three mini polishes to review here.
 This first one is called Phoenix Down.  I have layered one coat over a coat of black polish.  I used top coat and base coat in all of these pictures.
 Phoenix Down is super cool!  It's got loads of good stuff in it and applied very easily.  I love the combination of white shards, red squares, and the iridescent bars that look blue over the black!
 Check out the teeny tiny little bar glitters, too!  So cool!
 I'm sure this one would look really great over lots of colors.
 This is the second polish I got and it's called Hellfire.
 Here I've layered it over one coat of Illamasqua Scarab.  I was going to use black again, but then noticed that Hellfire has tiny little black glitters in it.  They get lost in the mix, I'm afraid, but I still like how this looks over blackened red.
 Do you see the star on my ring finger?  This one applied very easily, as well.
 I love the red squares and the gold bars...and pretty much everything going on here!
 Last up is Emerald Weapon.  I did two coats of it here.
 It's super pretty and shimmery!  Ignore the one random blue glitter on my ring finger (if you see it) - that was lurking in my top coat and has nothing to do with Emerald Weapon.  Oops!
 This one applied very easily as well.  I'm happy that it only needed two coats.  It's a very lovely shade of blueish green.
Overall, I am impressed, as usual.  I'm probably going to be ordering the entire collection because it looks fantastic!  You can check it out at Rainbow Honey's site here.

This review is my own honest opinion.  I am thankful and appreciative to Rainbow Honey for allowing me to be a part of their blogger review team.  :)

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Hellfire is amazing! I love it. :)

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