Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I broke down. I swallowed my pride and bought some freaking Justin Bieber nail polishes. Good grief!

I used two coats of Nicole by OPI OMB!, a delightful candy-apple red almost metallic shimmer.

The red leans a little pink. It's quite stunning really. My camera kind of freaked out and these pictures don't represent the shimmer accurately.

The accent finger is an added coat of Hot Topic glitter (no name on the bottle). I also did an accent on my right index nail.

Let me say that I was highly wary of the new Nicole by OPI brush. I don't tend to enjoy wide or ginormous brushes.

I gotta say, it applied marvelously!! Cheers for the big brush! I am shocked.

The Palladio base coat, which I still completely adore, does allow staining, though. I have confirmed this as I just took this mani off tonight and my nails are looking more stained than normal. I don't actually care since I keep my nails painted all the time.

My dog Georgia just watched a commercial for the Bambi DVD. She was enraptured by it, I tell you! So cute. Anyone's dog(s) like to watch cartoons/animations featuring animals? Georgie watched Bolt from start to finish.

I'm all over the place tonight! Oh, and back to my red mani - I practically never wear red. It was a very strange thing for me to want to wear it. :)

Maybe a post-Valentine's Day kind of thing? I never did wear an actual Valentine's mani.

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I know what you mean. I bought two of these and I felt happy for the new colors, but a little repulsed by the idea of buying Justin Bieber nail polishes :D Haha

I gotta say ... that polish is a lot sexier than Justin!

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